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Sanatçı fotoğrafı

Born in 1953 in Istanbul the artist was graduated in civil engineering from Istanbul Technical University and later from Manchester University. During his working life in Australia for 25 years, he was interested in the arts performed by the Australian indigenous people for thousand years. In addition to that Bülent Borluk. He was the first Turkish origin politician in Australia as a councilor in Sydney for four years. The artist has been working on glass painting at Darussafaka Urla Residence.

The indigenous art is acknowledged as the one of the cultural heritages that managed to survive from thousands of years until today. The patterns and designs depicted on cave walls, tree barks or on human bodies symbolize in its origin the leaves, food animals or nature in general and they represent sacred meanings.

The stories in the Aboriginal Dreamtime symbolize the ceremonies connecting religious gatherings, spiritual world and the humans together.

You may contact the artist about  his works further information or order items available.

Solo Exhibitions:

2024 "Aboriginal Dreamtime", Urla Yaşam Lobby Hall, Urla-Izmir
2024 "Aboriginal Dreamtime Ankara
", Çankaya Municipality, Zülfü Livaneli Culture Center, Ankara
2023 "Aboriginal Dreamtime İzmir", Darüşşafaka Rezidans Tezidans Lobby  Hall, Izmir
2023 "Aboriginal Dreamtime Izmir", Haralambos Church, Çeşme-Izmir
2023 "Aboriginal Dreamtime Istanbul", ART212 Istanbul
2023 "Aboriginal Dreamtime", Kırmızı Art Gallery, Urla-Izmir

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